WISQARS Fatal and Nonfatal Injury Reports

Injury Counts and Rates

Fatal/NonFatal Injury Reports - Data Filters
Injury Outcome:FatalInjury Type:All InjuryData Years:2022Geography:United StatesIntent:All IntentsMechanism:All InjuryAge:All AgesSex:Both SexesRace:All RacesEthnicity:All EthnicitiesMetro / Non-Metro Indicator:None SelectedYPLL Age:65Year and Race Options:2001 - 2022 with No Race
All Intents All Injury Deaths and Rates per 100,000
Data Years: 2022United StatesAll AgesBoth SexesAll RacesAll Ethnicities
ICD-10 Codes:
Injury Counts and Rates Table

** indicates unstable value (<20 deaths);
-- indicates suppressed value; (between one to nine deaths or nonfatal injury counts based on <20 unweighted count, <1,200 weighted count, or coefficient of variation of the estimate >30%);
--* indicates secondary suppression.
Rows showing totals and sub-totals will not be available when only one row in the results table is suppressed.

Data sources:

  • National Center for Health Statistics-CDC annual mortality data files for WISQARS Fatal data.
  • National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-All Injury Program for WISQARS Nonfatal data, an estimated number of hospital visits for injury care that start in an emergency department based on a U.S. nationally representative probability sample of hospitals.
Produced by: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, CDC.