Number of Injuries and Associated Costs

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Data Year:2019Injury Outcome:FatalIntent:All IntentsMechanism:All InjuryGeography:United StatesSex:All SexesAge Groups:All Ages
MechanismIntentDeathsMedical CostsValue of Statistical LifeCombined Costs
Cost of injury data table

Notation: ** indicates unstable value; -- indicates suppressed values; * indicates secondary suppression
Abbreviations: $B = Billions; $M = Millions; ED = Emergency department; NEC = Not elsewhere classified; MV = Motor vehicle

Currency year and time horizon: Costs are 2019 USD. Medical costs for injury deaths refers to medical care associated with the fatal event. Medical, work loss, and quality of life loss costs for nonfatal injuries refer to the 1 year following the ED injury visit.

Data sources:Produced by: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, CDC.